Personal Bio

Personal Bio

I, Amber Whitfield, am a native of Birmingham, Alabama, where I currently reside in the historic neighborhood of Titusville, an area enriched in community endeavors and consistent acknowledgement of how the civil rights era molded the city as whole. I was raised in a loving household, where my mother devoted her life and passion towards being a school teacher for 36 years and my father worked within the warehouse business for over 20 years, where they both instilled in me the definition of hard work and ensuring your name always represents substance. I am also the youngest daughter of three girls, where my older siblings often expressed to me the need to represent myself well while ensuring I had a positive platform. My primary education was received through Birmingham Public School Systems, where I furthered my education on a collegiate level in 2007 by enrolling into The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. While attending the university, I majored in Human Development and Family Studies, where I soon received a Bachelor of Science degree within Human Environmental Science.

After graduating from the university in 2011, I began a career in education as a Pre-K school teacher where I specialized in providing a sound education accompanied by innovative activities to students from challenging communities. As I increased my passion to impact the lives of our youth, I decided to further my education by enrolling into Liberty University, where I obtained my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, September 2017. While I pursued my master’s degree, I accepted another opportunity as a Child Development Consultant, until I answered my calling to return to the classroom as a teacher. I was able to solidify my passion for impacting our youth positively, while creating activities to keep them engaged, which is how B-Boys clothing store came to fruition.

Business Bio

From my years of experience of having direct involvement with children, I have financially supported activities for my students here and there, but it was 2014 when I realized the passion I had to truly support a child. On May 14, 2014, God blessed me with the esteemed role of being an aunt for the very first time, by allowing my nephew Roman to make his debut. I was so overwhelmed with excitement from thinking of the cute clothes I would have to buy him because he had to be stylish like his aunt of course. As I began shopping at various clothing stores to see what trendy outfits I wanted to purchase for my nephew, I realized that boy clothing were extremely limited, especially for when locating clothing for boys between the ages of 2 to 12 years old. From canvasing the clothing options presented, the only choices I had were to purchase sports related T-shirt’s with plaid shorts or to pay a ridiculous amount for popular named brand styles within a department store.

From seeking advice from the parents of my students regarding their options to purchase boy clothing, they seemed to agree with my observation as well by advising their primary option for shopping are online clothing stores because they have an array of options to choose from, where prices are reasonable as well. The only issue the parents had in common was, although they had the conveniece of shopping online, there were still not as many options that catered to the fashion and style they were looking for. The information I gathered from my classroom parents allowed me to further research this clothing dilemma, where I connected with vendors within Birmingham to capture what clothing entities were missing. I immediately realized how often boys clothing was overlooked, where it was time to take action. If my sister was not blessed to bring my nephew into this world, I would have never understood the need of boys clothing within our city, but I was glad I had the vision to do something about it. Not only did I gain interest in bringing a hidden clothing entity, but I planned to do it with style. It took a while for me to decide what I wanted my clothing store to represent, but from analyzing the array of culture, fashion and style that Birmingham exudes, I knew I wanted to be a part of that movement. From a long day of researching how I wanted to brand my clothing store, while looking up the definition of “boy” to get a lead, I came across the Merrimack-Webster definition of” B-boy, which is a male that engages in the pursuit of hip-hop culture or adopts its styles. This name fit perfectly for the vision I had for my clothing store, which prompted the creation of B-boys Clothing--Clothes that will give a sense of personality and individual style.